Dimensionless black

The night color has been deep, a clear and crisp thunder rings out in my ear.Hence, calmness and hullabaloo, happiness and pain and sufferings, and my heart discomfort rather of the rashness move, together from the leaf before the window up, sink into.
Similar night, the skin in the interior region of autumn top, jump about fresh and cool choreographic.The vicissitudes of life of quarterly, the life transmigration of soul, probably only has time,Safety surface then can read to understand this night quietly but go to of breeze.
In this season, drive the boat of one page thoughts and feelings, wander about unhurriedly in the horary river, also understood the meaning of season transmigration of soul.

Rain, the behind in a burst of breeze.The every drop answers of quarrel, broke this night of quite.Lend the ray of light of street lamp, I saw shivering of outside leaf in the window, a kind of secret pain gradually since the heart bottom spread to open.
Outside the window, the rain's thunder is outside the window, in the house, I remember fondly also in the house, the dusky street lamp projects light upon the figure of my lonely through the window.A burst of breeze once blows, the light fluttered, in half rain, half in the mind.
The window still opened, the small fine drizzle drills to come in, the agile breeze drills to come in, the light fluttering drills to come in, and the limitless night also drilled to come in.Hence, my heart bottom spreads a night generally black, like the leaf of window outside head, float zero gradually in the time of this quarterly.
Still remember, that autumn, you say it's very good, I say it's very good;Now, is still so good in autumn, be just, we all will not mention it.
This season, my window has been opening, because of outside, is that you say good that autumn.

Inspiration of dried up, make I am in this night pain not the desire living.Past summer, I didn't adopt the next lotus flower;Autumn in nowadays, I didn't pick up the one red maple.That defoliation drowns at mediocre busy in the middle, this autumn mood I haven't told.The feeling moves 3,000, language of color but thus monotonous, suddenly discover himself/herself and have been on the brink of death.
I am foolish to sit, I am fidgety.At night like this listen to rain like this, but could not write a rain- related words.I am been negative by oneself in this night to the literalness self-confidence and negate in this night, wife female not at nearby of night, the negation is solitary the rain night here.
This night, destine to have no sleep.These several nights all have no sleep.

The dead is beautiful, I ever like this once said.Used to see spring of embryonic, the growth in summer, winter of hope, I even like autumn that kind of magnificent dead.The leaf of all over hills and countryside proceeds without hesitation ground, at oneself the life head for dead-end of time, use own dead, Stadium seatingexchange next year to lately living.The leaf falls to return a root, the itinerary of life draws previous final outcome, is just for the sake of the next nursery tale.
Lend the light of street lamp, I saw one leaf dreamlike to generally sink into.
The head starts and falls in all the way, carries on the back the weight of raindrop and also carries on the back the hope of a season from.

A bunch of light has already enough, on tying farawaily and only then increased much fantasy for this night.
The autumn has a thick idea already, and the obstinate cicada vibrates weak wings, the livinging of space that quietly invades me works properly and uses own existence that the way tells it.That voice of sad and shrill, the rain night in autumn, deafening.
Suddenly feel, that isn't the cicada, that is ever that we once walked together, that was the commitment that we promised under the light, those were our lifes be continuing ……

Daut own cheek, feel the degree of hardness of beard.Daughter childish voice, again ring out, the softness of the heart deep place, all over the place.
At the night like this, a light, is deeply good enough to wear the blackness of night.But, cluster mountain but separate I remain soft view.
Really want to hold tight breeze, entrust all of my thoughts and feelingses, let it is in this night and arrive you nearby and tell you, my solitude, my remember fondly ……

The footstep of rain is light,HTPC Keyboards street lamp ray of light inside, I almost could not see its existence, just in the middle of the air that damp breathing, let me feel the cold idea of night.
Suddenly, street lamp at my in the moment put out.
Suddenly, another deep-fried thunder rings out in my ear.
Hence, my world sank into dimensionless black.