occupation standard

The stereo set modulates the member national occupation standard(a)
The national stereo set modulates a member occupation and have a dissimilarity in the different place of call method.For example calls in Peking City"stereo set teacher", calls in Shanghai City"modulate teacher", call in Zhejiang province"the sound controls teacher", also have the dozen of not a few places and Di hall the disc personnel to know together as "DJ" together,dvb t tuners at our country the occupation technical ability is called "stereo set modulate member" in the standard and below take off the national occupation of ascending the stereo set modulation member standard, the purpose is for making everyone have accurate understanding to that occupation.

The national occupation standard takes off to ascend-the stereo set modulate a member

The labor of the People's Republic of China and social guarantee department draw up

The third national occupation standard(Lao agency hall hair[2002] the 1st) explains

According to 《the People's Republic of China labor method 》of relevant stipulate, for the sake of the further perfect national occupation standard system, educates the basis that the training provides science, norm for occupation, labor and the social guarantee department organizes a relevant expert and drew up 《the stereo set modulate the member national occupation standard 》.(as follows brief name 《standard 》)

A, originally 《standard 》with 《the People's Republic of China occupation categorizes big Dian 》is basis, with objective reflection currently the level of this occupation and to the request of employee for target,dvb t receivers in well considering economic development, science and technology progress and industrial structure variety to the foundation that the occupation influences, to the movable scope of occupation, the work contents, technical ability request and knowledge levels all made explicit rules.

Two, originally 《standard 》of the establishment followed the request concerning technique regulations, since promise 《standard 》the norm of the style turn, and then embodied to take occupation activity as a direction and take occupation technical ability as the characteristics of core and also make it have to carry on regulatory vivid and function according to science and technology development in the meantime, demand according to training, consultation and employment work.

Three, originally 《standard 》basis relevant stipulate that this occupation is divided into five grades, including occupation general situation, basic request, work the request and specific weight table is four contentses.

Four, originally 《standard 》is finished under the joint effort of each relevant expert and the actual worker.The main personnel who takes part in to write and approves officially has:Wang Ming Chen,cable supplier Wang Shi Quan, at Ji Kai, the bear country is new, original Lee, Han Xian Zhu, Wang Ze Xiang and Sung set up, Yuan Fang, Xiaos Liu.Originally 《standard 》in the process of drawing up in, get the education board of China recording teacher association and heavy celebrate, supporting strongly of river south, Ningxia, Jiangsu, Anhui, etc. city interborough parties concerned in Shanghai, along together send thanks here.

Five, originally 《standard 》already labor and social guarantee department approval, from implement from February 11, 2002.

1.Occupation general situation

1.1 occupation names:The stereo set modulates a member

1.2 occupations define:In song and dance hall, creation and music and the literature places, such as performance and field building...etc., usage appropriation equipments, carries on to the volume, tone and tone color of voice source adjust to control and stereo set system design of personnel.

1.3 occupation grades:This occupation totally establishes five grades, respectively are:Class(national occupation qualifications four classes), high class(the national occupation qualifications is x-rated), technical expert(the national occupation qualifications is second class), deluxe technical expert in the entry-level(national occupation qualifications five classes).(national occupation qualifications one class)

1.4 occupation environments:The indoor outside, normal temperature, loudly press class for a long time.

1.5 occupation ability characteristic:The sense of hearing is sharp, act coordination, of joy feeling.

1.6 cultural degree:The junior high school graduates

1.7 trainings request

1.7.One training term:Fulltime system occupation education in the school fosters target and teaching to plan an assurance according to it.The promotion trains term:When entry-level was no less than 400 standards to learn:Medium the class be no less than 350 standards to learn;The high class is no less than 250 the standards learn;When technical expert was no less than 150 standards to learn;When deluxe technical expert was no less than 100 standards to learn.

1.7.2 training teacher:The teacher who trains an entry-level and wins class has to have this occupation high class and the top occupation qualifications or have the class above technique title in the related profession;Training high class, the technical expert's teacher has to have deluxe technical expert of this occupation occupation qualifications or related profession in class above professional technique;The teacher who trains deluxe technical expert has to have this occupation deluxe professional technique title of the related or related profession.

1.7.3 training place equipments:The standard classroom and practice place that has to satisfy a teaching demand has necessary stereo set equipments and teaching aid.Authenticate a request