menstruation of the extraordinary

The menstruation of the extraordinary effect reduces weight effect to turn over 100%
The menstruation always makes the person happy to let person's sorrow, sorrow of is that several dayses of inconvenient, pleased is the gold week that takes a menstruation can thoroughly weight reduction hairdressing, effect but double.See menstruation to reduce weight the unexpected weight reduction effect that brings you together.
The first week, the menstruation starts(the MC visits)

Skin appearance:Be rated as for calamitous week, the pimple growing before menstruation stays till now, LED haze coversthe skin easily appears an anasarca, aridity, dark sink, sensitive etc. condition, the black eye is obvious.

Beautiful appearance:DOWN

Reduce weight an orientation:DOWN

Menstruation general will have humidity to be detained a problem, and can't hoard fat, more important, because of through running off of blood, our body is original vitality greatly harm, if you still need to get worse, don't increase anti- reduce, body affirmation can not stand.So, the MMs take taking a rest as a lord on this week!

Tips:Man.Sad what

An and menstruation's body resistibility is a lot of weak, particularly don't eat cold and the salt weighs of food, for example the ice arouse Ling , and pickles...etc..(This seems to be not to need me bothersome)

B, as far as possible drink a gentleness and promote the beverage of blood circulation, for example tea.

C, let skin more to take a rest, Harm, the love don't havechoose low stimulate low burden, and can drink the skin care products of humidity!

Black iron class welfare:Is basically the sad history and tears of blood history of the sisters on this week, the skin sensitive is weak, very easily is violated by ultraviolet ray, and appear An to sink a dry phenomenon.The anasarca of different degree occur in face department and eyes easily.Put wet towel into microwave oven heating to spread eyes, the careful towel doesn't have to be too very hot.Until the towel puts into a microwave oven again after becoming cool heating, again spread eyes, thus again and again 3 times, can decrease swelling.

The second week, the egg afterbirth expects(the MC just walked)

Skin appearance:The essence of the beauties 7 day, the metabolism of the body is the active this period, the hair follicle is finest, the skin color has sheen most , in the meantime, influence bosomy ovary estrogen is also 24 hours, madness but with same quantity secrete, the peace MMs, our evangels came, become beautiful become thin take advantage o now Luo.(I don't want to grow breast, I still think small, help the MM of those demands)

Beautiful appearance:UPlove in the frame

Reduce weight an orientation:UP

The beautiful week records:Try out for a week of new product, the in addition smoothes of sport.

Maintain a point:Try out a new product or change skin care products+usage emergency mask, massage skin care products+grow breast

Gold class welfare:Science proves that the day starts to calculate since female menstruation, the 11, 12, 13th days, and the 18~24th days all is grow breast and weight reduction of gold opportune moment.The 11~13th days for grow breast the best prime time, the 18th dayses is a prime time for 7 days after, the 8~15th days then the fine time of weight reduction.

The beautiful prime time grows breast weight reduction recommendation plan:

The beauty toughens method:

1, each before sleeping late massage chest of 15 minutes, don't take a bra sleeping.

2, had better just before sleep take a shower every night, bathing's taking advantage o a skin behind don't do, the Tu Shang chest muscle tightens frost, Tu Shang's scrub cream or spray a plentiful milk to spray fog all can, again with go against the hour hand massage for 15 minutes upward.

Beautiful food through:

1, the choice can provide the food of enough calcium quality and combine appropriate chest to toughen, will be more effective for the plentiful Long of breast.

2, drink milk more, for promote breast of first spring second spring is to N spring, can much eat some rich contain the food that vitamin E and beneficial hormone secretes, like book heart vegetables, spend vegetables, the sunflower seed oil, and the corn oil fixed menu in restaurant seed oil...etc..

3, the vitamin B clan also help the hormone to synthesize, it is existed to thick foods, such as food, bean, milk and beef...etc. in.