employee cease

Kang 100 alliances reborn variables:100 matter the employee cease work Wei power
"BE cheated!""BE sold!"This is numerous currently 100 matter the employee's feeling to 100 matter Chinas and the Kang teacher ownershipfreshwater pearl of a share displacement, they also convert this consistent activity.

On November 14, Pepsi-Cola China is located on heavy celebrate, become all, south Chang, Fuzhou, grow five bottles of sand to pack a factory beginning to cease work Wei power.That day morning, five employees of factories collectively delivered to the false that asks for leave on the 15-16th.They said, if the company doesn't give a parlance of reasonable, will initiate public prosecution.

On November 5, Kang teacher and Pepsi-Cola announced both parties' alliance agreement together, such as if get the approval of department concerned,tahitian pearl the Kang teacher will control 5% ownership of a shares by Kang teacher beverage, exchange Pepsi-Cola China to pack all ownership of a shares of factory at the hinterland 24 bottles and become these bottles of new host who pack factory.

This undertaking encountered Chinese bottle of objection that packs a factory existing worker of numerous Pepsi-Colas.

"We this front even have never got a notice is sold by them."Weigh to celebrate a bottle to pack factory the spot in the Pepsi-Cola, a worker tells this report the reporter, " Pepsi-Cola tries to make us make a contract with Kang teacher again unilaterally.In this process,golden south sea pearl but our rightses can not get any guarantee."

"This is the blueest day in Chinese Pepsi-Cola history."A participated in November 14 Pepsi-Cola China cease work a Wei power activity of the employee is in the network last regrets way.

On the evening of November 14, 100 matters are delivered to declare to call, "100 matters are an employer for being responsible.We highly promise the rights of protecting the employee.We propose with the alliance of Kang teacher to need a government an approval.If get an approval, infusing to pack the factory system labor contract will continue to implement.Under the new alliance, 100 matters will just as since toward the ground keep it in aggressive participation in China and closely cooperates of market position.We are carrying on an aggressive communication with employee."

" We can make sure of BE, in the coming two years, don't pack factory to make to serve as to the bottle of Pepsi-Cola China what change."On November 14, cease work to this, the internal authorities of a Kang teacher says to reporter of this report.

"Unfair" of annul contract

At 9:00 a.m. on November 14, 100 matters are heavy the doorway celebrating factory pull to have a horizontal, employee slogan tidy, but emotion concussion, request a company to carry on repair.By the side of the bulletin board of the factory and the publicity advertisement of 100 matters, everywhere it is thus clear that the employee's"opinion" to this time alliance affairs:Twireless keyboardshe wordses, such as"liar" and"the trustworthiness is where""return my youth"...etc. again and again appears.

"We come here, is the way of doing that protests against that the Pepsi-Cola Chinese companies take no cognizance employee's right."A claim to be heavy celebrate Pepsi-Cola of factory some car the vice- director's Wei power personage tells a reporter, " before the Pepsi-Cola and the Kang teacher reaches agreement, all employees have no knowledge to the alliance milli- of 100 matters and Kang teachers, the time on the 5th a notice's finished, and the slightest doing not speak of hereafter a merger is original of 100 matter how to should do employee."

Introduces according to another employee, with otherly infuse to pack factory different, 100 matters are heavy to celebrate factory to have very and greatly the employee of one part is previous 100 matters and mansion cola in the sky to establish joint venture company time to leave of old employee, it has been more than 20 years since this part of persons mostly worked in the factory, they of sons and daughters now also many work in the factory.