3"open" the baby's

3"open" the baby's right brain before the year olds
Just a few babies with big months unexpectedly know to distinguish a color, can also point the hand painting feet ground to point out!"The right brain that develops a kid can make the kid express to make daddy's mama surprised ability!"Kid education expert said, the right brain developed abroad and was valued for several years, but domestic then just start, was good at making use of a baby 0~3-year-old right brain development prime time, stimulate right brain to develop,Production Housekid more intelligent.

The baby learns an ability 3 the strongest before the year old

The color card that looking at the quick flash across in the mother's hands, listen to the mother read according to the Shan card in different color of to in response to the color, rice promise a careless shape;But the mother then imitate a Buddha the color of Shan card in the middle of selfishly and quickly reading and beginning.Immediately after, the mother random drew out the card in red and black to take with 2 respectively and asked a rice promise:"Where is the red ?" Let person of a surprised act appeared:The rice promise didn't hestitate ground to make a pounce upon the mother's left hand, while the mother's left hand take of is that card in red!The mother random sampled a few colored cards to ask a rice promised again, the kids were all accurate to without any error choose a rightness homologous of color card.

Kid education expert says, this was the kid to accept a right brain development course after a month(every day 3 times,bridgestone every time 5 minutes) of express, but the rice promise can make of matter, each baby cans make!Guangdong is excellent to living excellent teach association president of association Ping2 Liu Xiang to report a reporter to say lately and quickly:"The innovation comes from intelligence, the intelligence comes from right brain."The right brain is bigger than left brain function, shoulded try education all be training a left brain, but neglect the development of right brain, but the right brain is main.He said that excellent living, excellent teach all do, is excellent to teach how to do just most effective, the parent must seek road son.German scholar Carl he tells a reporter, .The Wei puts forward in 19th century especially, the age is more young, the infant has the strongest study ability, but along with the growth of age, if don't stimulate right brain growth, development, make stronger and input more informations in time, kid gifted genius absorption ability will at about 6 years old disappear gradually.

The right brain development namely in great quantities and quickly inputs a subconscious information

Guangdong is excellent to living excellent teach association the child of the committee of experts synthesized to develop a professional committee member of committee, sky to love an infant in early days education director general, Li Li,MotoGP from teaching in center told a reporter, the parents of great majority would think:Make the baby study absolutely now is play piano to the cow;The kid is too small, don't understand;So small study, the pressure is big;Now study well, went to school in the future meeting not with concentration!But she tells a reporter, baby 3 before the year old particularly yes devoting one's minding of 0~16 months sensitive period and quest sensitive period, study ability with living accompany, the study isn't a pressure to them.

"The infant's study characteristics isn't to do beg comprehension and completely absorb and also be called a subconscious study method, this is also the study characteristics of right brain;But the adult's characteristics is the memory of comprehension type, regardless from the study speed,wireless keyboards absorb an information of amount the top all can not compare with the infant's study ability!"Li Li tells a reporter, the right brain development wants to hold firmly to be 3 years old the prime time as follows.