compares to increase 683%

The skill dragon together compares to increase 683%

Arrange the rise first

According to the statistics, releases the company that three quarters report at 39 in, the rise first in line of skill dragon, secondly BE, net Qin and century good good luck, strange tiger 360,office furniture their net profit together compares a rise to distinguish to 683%, 343%, 243% and 186%.But the rise above still has a soft in 100% motive, the Phoenix new medium, search building net and exhibition Xun to correspond by letter.The skill Long Cai's report suggests, accomplishment growth of main reason is because of cabaret guest room the increment of the night amount, other business incomes together compare increase 21%, mainly is because the advertisement releases with the increment of the travel insurance income.

To this, skill the wide blessing of chief dragon's executive officer Cui accepts 《stock certificate newspaper 》reporter meant while covering, is canning directly reserve local cabarets in more than 23,000 houses and international cabarets in more than 145,000 houses that the amount ranks the first, the cabaret conveniently and easily using reserves website and cellular phone the customer carried an application, and had the price of competition ability to continuously in great quantities draw on a guest in the reserving of skill dragon.In addition, the skill dragon bought a cabaret through a regiment to travek to carry on continuous innovation on the market in the domestic with releasing of special price cabaret business today.

But is the wealth report of the catena cabaret group man cabaret group in the court that the domestic leads to suggest, man the third quarter degree in court the revenue total amount is renminbi is 627,000,000 dollars, the same period that was subjected to the World Exposition benefit good factor influence in Shanghai a little bit last year increases 23.8%.The revenue total amount outstrips the upper limit of company expectation.The net profit of three quarters degree is smooth is renminbi is 58,200,000 dollars, the wreath ratio increases 44%.

Moreover, 2011 year ago three quarter degree man's court have already added 142 family stores.To this, man court CEO Zhang Tuo said, flower shopthere being the target that the confidence carries out to lately opening 200 family stores in the Year 2011's, and anticipating the total earning of the degree in the four seasons will at renminbi of 6.35-655,000,000 dollars, this means together the ratio will increase 40-45%.http://www.health-checking.com/stjc.html