The red flower is carefree to fall to make a pure dust, there is heart from living feeling.Free and unfettered the hatred for inebriating the dream difficult solution to leave sorrow, come with the spring breeze again.

The melancholy accompanies withwedding dresses

In addition to window, Liu Zhi ties up to round, the winter jasmine also opens alone.The flower for longing for that I with meticulous care sow , now, should also be getting juster budding, that in fine threadsly remembering fondly should also fill the air in the moment full park beauties of spring gradually.

Long long of remember fondly, change magically into the small label in the my hand, is sung into lean and handsome and talented poem to go.

The spring of Noan-noan deeply loves dearly.

Inside the Lian, the feeling livings.

BE who at shallow sing low sing, the whose remembers fondly to send forth light of, imitate such as the breathing of the orchid, bump shot my atrium.You dream 100 turn thousand times, sigh in sorrow difficult even.

Hoping Qian Mo outside the window is boundless, is like smoke and inebriate to dance lovely, confusing, Wen Run Xin joss-stick.The breeze son slightly shook to ring before the window the breeze bell of that purple color, the feeling thinks to linger around and shears continuously, the reason returns in disorder.Make into it for remembering fondly your permanence, become a writing, is my life memory, spread forever.

Bitter and astringent, dream.

Youth well dissolve in white aquatic drop of lemon juice, after once tasting the square know difficult among them of sour puckery.Purple memory, at the whose chest Yi midstream wave, a purple ground flower umbrella, smoke rain distressed shape.

Once the Ju hold remnants to spend cold rain and compose a Que the sorrow song sorrow phrase, the Ying Ying phrase sentence, have me the sighing of You Wan, stay a to put on lucid and attractive, in the memory of your permanence.

One paper plain Jian, in the deepest world of mortals and you, share continuously warm and fragrant tender feelings.Cable manufacturer

Soft think, worry.

The tender feelings of spring breeze ten insides, you listen to, flower Qian Quan, the slice slice flower petal floats into the bosom of breeze to embrace, my writing inside that of the twittering is that to at that time and from cradle to the grave love dearly.

The window sill that remembers fondly to cross you, cheek lightly once kissed you, that is my small hand is comforting, comfort you the sea change ever, aery clouds and mist, the Die copied lightly.

Lonesome but standing alone of window Ling next, a small light, one cup pure tea, a string of note, an a life story of woman.

Pink Liu Lyu, that petal petal smiles dimple, exactly of be fond of a got drunk season, worry also from here but living.

Wait for, scarce.

Love, you know I at wait you?

I deplore greatly like this of follow you closely, came and go, melancholy but sadness, you of disappointed vision, being my this present life can not forget of distress.

Lonesome, the sorrow harms.

Take a stroll a gallery in, the flowing water is loving, peach blossom, float zero of fall red, pour Li to soak through rains and winds of sad but beautiful, want to is that quarterly, the lilac spends to also quietly open.

Quietly, thinks the Wei depend on in the writing;

Lightly of, write into you my the writing.

Dead hour makes a shadow.

Hand a column to far hope, through the night of this utter darkness, facial appearance saw you, thin flower, but thick night.According to the sparse, you come, is inebriating in a voice, lightly call.Plate Heat Exchanger

Spread of remembering fondly and burning window Ling, you of sweet smiling face, words pay attentions to, all quietly go into a phrase under my finger tip.

A paper feeling thinks and flutters in the lonesome night, the green silk dances in the wind with the breeze, the tears inside the window soaks through half side gusset.

Fondle a piano, draw feeling.

Sit alone vacant room, start to stir piano Xian, another time repeats what that acquainted with to remember fondly, the light drizzle outside the window is falling thick and fast, and the sweet Ai is cool.Order some rain voice companion wears long resound of GuZhen, unclear slowly spread to go since then, hide the tender feelings in the eyes, charmingly feminine become poem, such as river water general of from run off, is graceful and restrained one remembering fondly of chamber rise and fall of the note Be lingered around to ear side, finally turn to make a line of lucid and attractive show in line grows of writing, engrave in mind.