correct shampoo hair

Shampooing don't at head how last foam is correct shampoo hair?
Have a head of the wishes that the bright and jet black show hair is majority of MMs now, but burn all day long dye the hair want to don't get up very much as well very much.Don't say those chemistry materials, only shampoo hair, you probably is hurting your own hair.Follow a small plait to see, how be correctly shampoo a hair method!
Mistake 1:Beat a foam on the hair while shampooing Gaosuibuyou Thailand

Sweeping is blind:Shampooing water must the in hand heart beat a foamsolar module cell

This mistake greatly go to, was like to use to wash noodles milk, had better the first in hand heart crumple an abundant foam, would betterly fuse dirty mark and shampoo water is also a truth.Crowded on the hair again crumple, the skin of head root easily remains first, secondly, the foam is used to separate to deliver silk friction, depend crumple a hair foam, what to protect?If the foam isn't so good to beat and go into a few water for the drop, the hands present hollow quickly rub.The center of palm is really difficult to tee off a foam, in delivering tail to beat again excesssive going to skin of head, moreover again put 1, as far as possible also deliver the gallery dry cleaning less.

Mistake 2:Crumple to wash in the top of head the hair heap

Sweeping is blind:From up go to the Le hair clean

While doing not emphasize that you shampoo with me have much light and soft, because as long as you crumple hair silk, unappropriate.Want to bear in mind from last to bottom the Le wear hair to wash, hair scale basically have no the opportunity start to raise to cause disturbance.This effect but get instant results, the meek feeling for washing out may compare an usage to protect hair vegetable!Open hands first while washing, Jackie Chan the claw is hand-like in shape, then insert a hair from last to descend.After trying this to recruit according to much person's feedback, the hair dided not so band together before again.solar panels

Mistake 3:Shampoo the skin less, the hair can drop some son less

Sweeping is blind:The ratio uses penny dint more to crumple skin of head at ordinary times

Looking at while shampooing a round and round hair is really a liver son Zhan, hence all don't dare and meet skin, afraid drop more badly.In fact they at dry have been already shed off while delivering, ask for help of to protect hair plain of the lubrication just drop to drop down.Taking off hair and then shoulding even sweep skin of head well is particularly an oil skin of head, clean off hair bag bore thoroughly, would keep more healthy and strong new hair.Want by hand and point a belly a little more strength to massage, push skin of head but not is grasp.

Mistake 4:I am occasionally little to use to protect hair at a time a vegetable

Sweeping is blind:Washing to add to protect will never separate

Never be so not concerned, little use to protect hair at a time a vegetable, absolutely bring catena of bane.Because protecting one of the effect of hair vegetable is to use to shut to match a hair scale and shut to match not good, after of the hot breeze, sunlight more easily harm hair and hope to use some don't need to wash of protect hair vegetable to make up basic have no drama, more darned is this kind of injury is tired to add.

Mistake 5:Hair still just drop water, put on to protect hair vegetable

Sweeping is blind:Use to definitely wipe stem hair before protecting hair vegetable

Must have a stem towel while shampooing, wipe to arrive probably drop water don't paint again to protect hair vegetable, this one step is very important, protecting the absorption effect of delivering the article would maximize, and have a simple principle, be more concentratedly protect hair nourishment, for example essence dew, hair film of type, the enemy opponent becomes dry the request of degree more a little bit high.solar modules

Mistake 6:It's fixed and unchangealbe to shampoo water temperature

Sweeping is blind:The water temperature wants from Gao Dao Di while shampooing

Do you know?The water temperature will specially influence follow-up shape effect, so want to notice by oneself a design to shampoo water temperature, the last time must a little bit lower, doing like this will make the hair scale shut to match betterly, and the hair touches will be very meek.After again do the type of blowing the breeze shape, alter effect, the hair also even has sheen.

Mistake 7:The skin of head sensitive easily harms and as far as possible blow hair silk

Sweeping is blind:Quickly blow stem skin of head, reduce hot breeze injury

In fact and exactly the opposite, the skin of head blows dry, deliver silk to soon also become dry, this will consumedly shorten to blow breeze for time, decrease enemy opponent hair of injury.The method is by hand to lift root of hair and quickly rock hair dryer and blow stem skin of head.Don't persistently reject to blow breeze moreover, because this one step can make the hair scale well shut to match.780% dry foot Yis, the hair will be very fluffy and meek.

Mistake 8: