Student Tablet PC

Student tablet is the tablet PC development especially business computer into the ELP ( electronic educational products ) industry student Tablet PC
The product of ELP industry,samsung galaxy is also known as the fifth generation of electronic educational products. 2011 is the students belonging to the tablet PC in one year, since the release of the Ipad to the IT market caused great shock, also caused ELP market revolution, many machine learning enterprise is rolled out in succession" student tablet", but educational experts point out that these products just make the learning machine with the function of the Internet, commonly known as the Internet can be a learning machine,toshiba tablet contents lack of high quality educational resources, the general lack of network interaction, learning, motivation method is monotonous, difficult to say students tablet PC.
2011 September Huanggang secondary school launched the first domestic students Tablet PC -- too Pad. Too much of Pad is called the fifth generation fighter electronic education, education industry product obtained a high degree of recognition, is expected to replace the traditional paper-based materials into the campus. As a student flat computer pioneer too pad for educational electronic fifth generation set of four standard:
Standard one: if there is a 3D interactive encouraging learning platform; let the student no longer lonely and confused, let the students no longer dull and boring, let the students not as difficult and confusing.
Standard two: the leading iPad and other international advanced computer hardware equipment; standard three: the complete system of Huanggang primary and middle school curriculum; ISO four: 24 hours of learning tracking,acer tabletstudy questions, learning guidance, mental health counseling
. The first domestic students Tablet PC -- too Pad to come out, so that students from the" lonely learning" to" learning", from" closed learning" to" open learning", this breakthrough for Industry and education experts highly positive, too Pad drive online distance learning, educational electronic industries from 1 times to 2 times transition.