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Careless father's insurance lost wedding dress
Wedding dress, wedding jewelry,printing company as well as several Dalian to Wuhan ticket ... ... Airport police on patrol found with the above items box, and through the dissection of a boarding pass to find the owner. Subsequently, the owner has done a silk banner to the airport police thanks.

On the evening of November 11th, Dong Gang and Wang Qiang traffic and patrol police brigade police on patrol found an unclaimed black suitcase lying in the corner. For security purposes, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong, Dong Gang quickly and airport security stations made contact, security personnel arrived at the scene to suspicious items for a security check,Amart wedding dresses to confirm that the trunk for explosives. Dong Gang speculated that the police should be careless passengers lost items. He opened the trunk with great care, the whole Qi Qi found there is women's dress, such as jewelry, there are ten pieces of Dalian to Wuhan ticket. By virtue of these articles did not confirm the owner's specific identity, as Dong Gang be nonplussed over sth. when, he found the suitcase interlayer having a October boarding pass, the passenger's name as Zhao Yusheng, Dong Gang Zhao Yusheng is very likely is the owner. Then, Dong Gang tries to boarding passes on information to contact the airline, explains the reasons for the airline to help out Zhao Yusheng's telephone number.

As the time for a month, and after a lot of twists and turns, to find Zhao Yusheng's telephone number. Dial telephone, but hear the other party has shutdown of the voice prompt, since it is urgent, police fearing delay the couples wedding, will again call, until the call date. When the police Dong Gang told the owner trunk by the airport police to find the time, the phone that spread out like the excitement and the police on the endless gratitude. The original owner, the box is married to the daughter products as well as relatives return ticket,Man Sang Manufacturer if not, it will affect the wedding.
November 14th afternoon, Mr. Zhao holds" practical things for the people, win the people heart " silk banner came to Dalian City Public Security Bureau of traffic and patrol police brigade in the duty room, to the police, Dong Gang Wang Qiang expressed gratitude.