Time to flee

Time to flee, fleeting light
Time fleeting time, mild, gray hair, old face, who can withstand the passing of time, forever young, love, also but arrived in time, life is but a hundred years, have white hair, but also a few years time, I'm just world in a grain of dust, small, wind and free, with dust, this is my yearning for freedom,HTC flyer p512the wheel of time over twenty years traces, my freedom became unreachable dream, the cruel reality before us, twenty years time to flee, mark left, except in my face left old mark, also let me touch I want freedom, I can only helplessly, watch it go back.

I look back at the lights dim, dim deep, have a childish face, and a group of children play slapstick, originally, it is the child self. Suddenly, I burst into tears, pure love, freedom, laughter, a group often and his playing partner, child, heart will not be lonely, grow up, suddenly found themselves more and more lonely.

White love, by the time, such as the flowers gone, gone, time can not return to the past, unable to return it, my dear old time,samsung galaxy goodbye, goodbye, as in years past,, goodbye ... ... In the dream, memory petals float back to the past, tell the child self, do it yourself, you will get the freedom you want, don't let the time waste a sigh.
Rain falls, farmer of earth

The past which can not go back, go back to the dream, only when a memory, the rain outside the window, quietly, I listen quietly, listening to this world in beautiful sounds of nature -- the rain, like listening to a story, a sad story, telling the world so sad the troubles, such as flowers, withered, such as falling leaves, not stand up to the youth passes as a fleeting wave., keep youth.

Bright lights is not suitable for me, too bright, will burn my eyes, I like a quiet life, soft lighting, light time sides, with the vicissitudes of life for drinking, eating time, time to do the clothes Jinhua clothing, after a long time, quietly turned, then, to leave ... ...

What you want is to do with my life? All I want to do is, study mandarinrain falls, farmer of earth ... ...