supplementary insurance

Still enjoy supplementary insurance
" After the reform with the ordinary workers to take as our social security card, payment and reimbursement ratios are the same," in Beijing City Urban Management Bureau of the work of Zhang Yong ( a pseudonym ) told reporters," is no longer limited to units designated doctor has a hospital, Valentine's Daycan be in the whole city 19 class a medical insurance designated hospitals choose 4, and card medical treatment can realize instant settlement, I didn't have to pay for the medical expenses. Disadvantage is the monthly deduction a little money, Medicare pay line following part to be out of their own pockets."
According to the Beijing municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau Insurance Commissioner Jiang Jiyuan, to push reform smoothly," according to the national related policy, public health professionals into the employee medical insurance, can also enjoy the supplementary medical insurance." The city will finance for the original medical personnel 's basic medical insurance from paying part of the" two reimbursement". Its purpose is to make the original public health to enjoy the people's health care treatment does not reduce the.
The CPPCC Beijing a staff member told reporters," does have a supplementary medical insurance payment, but the amount is not large, netbook tabletand many enterprises have paid for the employee supplementary medical insurance."
Reportedly, Beijing municipal units to participate in the basic medical insurance expense by both employing units and employees pay a monthly. Unit pay all worker pay expends wage base and the 10% (including 1% large mutual fund ), the individual to pay last year on the average wage of 2% yuan and 3 large mutual fund. And ordinary workers medical insurance is different, the unit will also for worker pay 3% supplementary medical insurance. The corresponding two in medical treatment also has a certain gap.
Zhu Fuling emphasizes," public health reform is not to reduce the level of treatment but who, in order to provide employees with more sufficient medical security, which is the health care reform process should adhere to the principle of." " Medical insurance payment cardinal number is and wage income, the income of civil servants than enterprise workers is high, reduces the requirement of medical treatment alone is not practical." Renmin University of China School of labor and human resources social security department head professor Chou Yulin even said," a college students, graduate students through open examinations to become civil servants, he in the human capital investment is much higher than that of other enterprises, income is high, medical treatment is a point should be."
For public health groups after insurance, will still enjoy more than ordinary workers health insurance more specific treatment,samsung galaxy tab 8.9 Chou Yulin argues," each country gives additional health benefits of civil servants is a common phenomenon to see, reform and progress in system level."