Chaplin pushed on stage

Charlie Chaplin's parents are both dance artist. His father is a baritone. Little Charlie parents separated early,mother's dayhe may tell his father learned to tap dance, and later his father died due to alcohol poisoning. His mother Hanna Hill, stage name of Lily Harvey, is a renowned light opera dancing and singing actor. Lily income quite abundant, little Charlie in the mother and Sidney ( mother's previous marriage, children, later he always close brother ) side, and had a happy time, until one day the coming doom.
When he was five years old. This event happened in London a very simple theatre, his mother looked pale, just leave the stage. She is in a bird sound away, her previously have worse voice completely collapsed, graceful song no longer, now only as a noisy croaks. They whistle, laughter as one falls,Jia Ke su Manager stamp with rage. When an intuition to Lily took his son by the hand, pushed him to the footlight light. Charlie walked to the terrified audience, he sang songs, danced. He played a beautifully strange, funny and cool:" I did my mother's broken voice." Later he said. The people laugh, he is successful, coins such as rain generally falls around him. He paused, pick up the coin, with a handkerchief wrapped up to its mother. The audience mistook his move was the funny, more laughter. This is Charlie's first performance, at the same time Lily last appeared in theatre.
The following day is a long terrible leads to misery Hill : first, rent cheap furnished apartment, then an grimy roof house, antagonistic to the extreme poverty from arrest. Lily sold her beautiful costumes, in a sewing machine to work hard to earn a few pennies. She went to the relief of the poor food station, in a poor-house. The children were taken into the Pauper hospital, then was sent to a school for orphans. Poor Lily first was settled in the women's house, then was sent to the asylum.
When she temporarily cured, he tried to find her son again, one family reunion. But sometimes, when they" act", in the only scenery -- a tattered stove and a bed before interconnection lines time, they are almost happy. " She is I have seen the most talent actor," Charlie would later reveal the truth", through the observation of her, I not only learned how to use my hands and face to express my feelings, but also learned how to study."
When brother Sidney as a seaman, disappeared when the little guy, persuaded his mother, let him leave school to find a job, small traders to run errands for can. Due to anxiety and worry, Lily again crazy. Charlie extremely lonely, when he was 12 years old. He already knows, his future in the theatre. He and his brother went to the asylum's terrible memories, always on his mind -- Lily curled up in her single cell, from her fuzzy mind to come up with a one word, together such a bizarre advice:" don't lose reason, otherwise, they will put you in here."
Charlie in the theatre gained a small role. He soon became the leading actor on the stage as well as the lead character in the film. Soon he will be able to take care of his two have a recurrence of an old illness, two hospitalized mother. The unhappy woman finally before his death saw her son's success, that flows in her veins and drama of the passion, by kinship ties,varicose veins tips passed has become Sherlock's little Charlie.