meaning that spring

Warm wind blowing my heart, meaning that spring.
That day I walk in the sunset, see greets affliction lover, at that moment, the past come to mind, as I have not shed floods down one's cheeks., the rise in gray sky, around the street lamp at the beginning,poly bag supplier the soul can be blown memories where, in repeated scenes, although you have not in my side, affection for you as usual, under these circumstances, can only say goodbye!
Then you spring, braving wind and, over time, a few solitary temptress, in the ring track around several laps, and winter to spring, you hold the quietly, with no sound, I look to the sky with the stars alone according to the window, the brightest stars such as you, from the sky flies, no trace of. Weekday night sleepless, impermanence, was thinking you, I to the human heart unavoidable injury pain think fast, elegant fragrant volatile ink, try to clear word annihilation heart acid at parting, don't you see the hurt, that is I can not do.
The night is deep, sleepless, flood. With complex emotions that accompanied the lonely night express is a little sad, as if wandering in the desert such as the same position. See the full day crape myrtle flower, you like a bomb Zheng woman holding a yarn Naaman came to me, white floating, delicate hand, in the breeze lifelike in the air, I hear your hair, want to hold, but in vain, anxious, condensate in a moment, seeing the tears away, disaster.
Deep in my heart, is a from the war, even has been easy manners smile masked, to stop the complicated feelings, I know that life is short, the coming days would be long., live like a man, but also to be strong, and in this I do not know for years, the world changes in temperature, the vicissitudes of life, have no many people get a reminder of juvenile white head. Perhaps,make plastic bag only the heart strong, appearance to be strong, can face it and life.
Flashy, not to love is not to borrow Fu new, elegant attitude look through the red dust days, thousands of the world the world, few people know, I learned more condition of thin shallow, but do not have them. When the flourishing and loneliness, although gaunt, often hear others words for humble, had a few scenes past tours on mind, complex thoughts travel of him, so in other people's stories, wash with their grief. He who has a wife to her husband, Zhang Yan is not free and easy drinking several cups of, but rather to burning was a wry and annoyance, some whisper words like crazy. Think of you tonight, don't know where you hide. Want to look back again, but was Yunyan trip home, even though I still faintly in your dreams, don't know tomorrow will face how much pain and confusion, in short, and you had a dream never to tell to whom, leave your blessing, let it warm my night.
Looking back, find themselves becoming her up, life becomes complicated and changeable; to face many independent afford things, wandering strong and weak midpoint hard to choice. I watched the years flow like water, is years old young heart. News of this bustling Fairview Park, wind flower snow and rain, who can no regrets no tears, how many lose after having got it, lost and found, seemingly by people to decide, all for oneself. When someone jealous, when someone", can truly experience sad not or only yourself.
Only a short while ago, is this the red.Offshore company The distress, has removed the young faces.