100MW photovoltaic installation project

Moser Baer Solar will be one quarter to complete the 100MW photovoltaic installation project
Moser Baer Solar Systems plan in the first quarter of 2011 100MW project, installation sites are located in India,company formation Rajasthan and Gujarat State of orissa. According to the company, in 2011 4 quarter Rajasthan Jodhpur 5MW factory project, the 3 quarter NVVN migration project and Gujarat 30MW project has been completed and put into operation.
Moser Baer Solar Systems chief executive K.N Subramaniam said:" as of 2011 December, Moser Baer Solar Systems debugging 41MW solar photovoltaic project, which became the most influential one of the enterprises. Component prices dropped, output cost declines and liquidity challenges both in the recent period and in the future will seriously affect the photovoltaic industry. Obviously, this market has been in the quality, economic capacity and supply and demand balance began to make the top part of the difference between. Subramaniam in a general overview of group 2011 fiscal 3 quarter financial position statement: "we are using MIST technology efforts towards a steady efficiency upgrade strategy development, and through the use of us in a number of technical areas strong internal R & D team and execution of the photovoltaic battery efficiency up to 21%."

Moser Baer Solar had previously planned in 2012 January using MIST ( metal and lamina propria semiconductor technology ) technology to migrate to the efficient battery technology. Moser Baer also stresses,solar wafer in 2012 January India ground support project demand is strong. They said a moonlight V installed capacity of 120MW, and the recognition of Gujarat solar plan have been debug 600MW installed photovoltaic power generation equipment.
Trina Solar photovoltaic component by ICIM" made in Europe" certification
In February 13th, Trina Solar announced its use European silicon production of polycrystalline solar modules, through the Italy related certification and obtaining a 10% photovoltaic electricity price subsidy.
ICIM SpA ( Italy Milan) with Trina Solar two factory inspection and final product of the two test, awarded the" made in Europe" certification. Trina, its production of component compliance in 2011 December by Gestore ServiziEnergetici SpA ( Italy Rome) to develop the latest revision of the rules.
GSE certified products including TSM-PC05, TSM-PC05. 08 -. 18 and TSM-PC14 PV modules, all of these components including TSMPC05A received a ICIM ICIM product certification, the products have passed CEI / EN61215 and CEI / EN61730 testing, and will be posted on the ICIM factory inspection tag.
REC wants to sell three solar manufacturing plant
Renewable energy company REC ( Renewable Energy Corporation ) is located in Norway 's three solar wafer and battery factory has passed GoIndustry London offices for the global market, marking one of the biggest solar factory end.
Last October, REC announced that it will close in, abbreviated 500MW wafer factory, located in grom fewer 200MW silicon chip plant and is located in the Narvik 200MW solar battery factory. REC has appointed the world's leading residual asset managers responsible for the sale of GoIndustry,Cable manufacturer valuation in 50000000 euros.