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If CPU is the heart of computer, computer display is the face, then the keyboard is a computer 's mouth, is that it realizes the human and computer communication. However as we come in contact with the most peripheral products, the majority of cases the keyboard function is neglected, Android TV Remote aprereciciar apreopiear it and its slow development have all kinds of connections with contact with.
" Big mouth" Snoopy

PC XT / AT era keyboard mainly with 83 keys, and last for a fairly long period of time, but as the windows of popularity in recent years have been eliminated. Replace sb. 's 101 keys and 104 keys in the keyboard, and occupy the mainstream position of market, but it has also appeared in 102 keys, 103 key keyboard, but due to poor promotion, only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Nearly half of the year, then 104 key keyboard appears to be emerging multimedia keyboard, it is in the traditional keyboard and on the basis of the increase in the number of commonly used shortcut key or volume regulating device, to make the PC operating further simplified, for e-mail, open the browser software, multimedia players only need to press a specific button, at the same time in shape also made significant improvements, emphasizing personalized keyboard. At first this type of keyboard used for brand machine, such as HP, Lenovo and other brand machine took the lead in using this type of keyboard, received wide acclaim, and was once regarded as a brand machine features. With the passage of time, gradually also appeared on the market with various independent shortcut function products sold separately, and a special driving and setting software, the compatible machine can also realize personalized operation.
" Mouth" of the
Shell, the current desktop PC keyboard adopts movable keyboard, keyboard as input in a discrete component, has its own enclosure.Bluetooth KeyboardA keyboard panel according to the grades of different plastic pressed, some high-quality keyboard at the bottom by a thick steel plates to increase the keyboard texture and rigidity, but it will undoubtedly increase the cost, so a lot of cheap keyboard directly adopts the plastic base design.
In order to meet the needs of different users, the bottom of the keyboard is provided with a folding support legs, unfolding the support foot can make the keyboard tilted, different keyboard will provide single, double or three segment angle adjustment.
Conventional keyboard with CapsLock ( small letters lock), NumLock ( digital small keyboard lock ), ScrollLock 3 indicating lamps, marking the current keyboard state. These lamps are generally located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, but there are some keyboard such as Acer Ergonomic KB and HP original keyboard using the built-in lamp, this design can be more easily determine the current state of the keyboard, but the process is relatively complex, so most of the ordinary keyboard have not adopted this design.
No matter how changes in the basic form of the keyboard, the keys are arranged is maintained substantially constant,BLN Design can be divided into main keyboard area, a numeric keypad area, F key function keyboard, control keypad, for multifunctional keyboard also adds shortcuts area.