bones of partition room

A stirring among the dry bones of partition room
With a lot company formationof field have the Spring Festival home people have returned to Beijing to rent a house, have been banned from the" hit him a stirring among the dry bones" phenomenon, many housing intermediary agent Housing will play a number of partition of rental.

The owner forced to sign off proof""
Recently, the family lives in Jiuxianqiao area under the name of Mr. own a 109 square metre house by the regional intermediary companies rental agent. In the rental process, the intermediary to Mr.operable partition Wang showed a piece of A4 paper size" partition ." ask him to sign, and said, only sign the certificate, intermediary institutions to agent. After many setbacks, Mr. Wang eventually see intermediary in the monthly can give 4500 yuan in rent and security, housing security, agreed in the rental played a partition. According to Mr memories," partition ."":
" Sir / Madam agree in their playing a partition.
February 4th, the reporter accompanies Mr. Wang came to the house, originally in the door lighting hall has been divided into a narrow and dark corridors. A be gypsum board with wood to build the " wall" to nearly 30 square meters living room into a bedroom, bedroom has to 1500 yuan / month price for a door tenant.
Although the partition has been hit,operable wall but Wang still some doubts:" Beijing is not expressly permitted in the rental housing hit him? Why now intermediary not only to hit him, but also out of such a partition that. This certificate is legitimate? If people complain, culminating in a policy referred to in 10000 yuan of above 30000 yuan fine who will pay?"