French cypress leaves

Wire asphalt is composed of French cypress leaves and fruit distilled. There is a strong smell of the wood,Yunzhi Essence commonly used in men's cosmetics.

Pine essential oil can relieve congestion due to cold and throat discomfort, edema, and can promote the blood circulation.

Pine essential oil production, is the use of northern Europe and Russia produce pine branches, and pine needle pinecone use. Volatile oil of turpentine is the main ingredient of ( Terpenses ). Allyl resin ( Terpentine ) is derived from the prefix. Is the common material of loose oil and sap. Allyl in pine and sweet citrus fragrance acts in the role of. There a famous gastrointestinal medicine,mother day it can cure inflammation, its main ingredient is containing the substance.

Frankincense on mental fear, emotional fluctuations have a calming effect. It can help to calm, help meditation can eliminate the fears and nightmares, enhances the sense of security, and is also a placebo. On the aging of the skin with special effects, it has anti-aging effect, it is a very good antidiarrheal.

Frankincense is a resin, strong permeability and relieve nerve function. Therefore, Chinese medicine in the treatment of traumatic injuries are prescription frankincense, the medicine of these two drugs for pain relief in. Over the past few centuries, western society is to be used at the altar, for religious worship use give priority to.
Lavender oil is one of the most commonly used sesame oil. It can soothe, calm, balance and adjustment of multiple symptoms. Its volatile oil can antibacterial anti-inflammatory, sedative. Even as a mosquito repellent agent.

According to the needs of users of different, can be gasified, direct inhalation or apply. Children hyperactivity, restless sleep. Can sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on the pillow, let out slowly, children after inhalation of can peaceful sleep. The patient recovered after the period,office furniture in the room for fumigation inhaled, can accelerate rehabilitation, enhanced physique. Inflammation and relieve muscle pain, which can be used for any skin.