return the victim

" Keyboard"," bugler", the title sounds quite wet, do not know people would think it was the band members, but if we add a" wine holder girl"? Recently, the Nanjing Jiangning court together with the use of" virtual world" online to seduce others to coffee consumption, PC remote controlto unqualified wine masquerading high-grade wine method for male friends money fraud cases, after a total of47people. The 9 defendants were charged with fraud, were sentenced to three years and six months to 10 months ' imprisonment, illicit money 127854 yuan to return the victim.

Take a girl to eat a meal for thousands of
2011July, Nanjing city Jiangning District Rhine Town Village, a middle-aged man with a beautiful young girl, came to2 a cafe. Seated two people talking, laughing and talking together," we order some wine to drink", the girls on the middle-aged man said, drink exotic atmosphere, will be better. The middle-aged man looked at a girl, then Beck calls attendant, "do you have any wine?" " We have all kinds of high-end wine bottle, according to count money,380yuan,480 yuan,680 yuan,980 yuan,1280 yuan,1680 yuan six", the waiter answered the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man listened to the waiter said, face slightly twitched, and quickly glanced at the opposite girl, see each other just stared at her, and said," give me a bottle of980." The waiter turns to the bar, took a bottle of wine, after opening to two cups. After the girl again, some simple meals and dishes, two people begin to talk while eating. Soon, a bottle of wine, a girl and let the waiter a bottle, so, even a little girl several bottles of wine. After eating a checkout, spent more than 5000block. When leaving, middle-aged man with displeasure, he felt that something was wrong, but did not say anything, only way out.

" Wine holder" swindling9 people group surfaced
The middle-aged man named Li Jianjun, he and the girl are chatting on the Internet when I met, Li Jianjun thought that met a affair, but the meal to let him my boss uncomfortable, always feel the other side is cheat. There, Li Jianjun reported. In fact, the police received a similar report has many, both parties said they might be fishing, some parties and even a consumption million yuan. In Li Jianjun to report to the police, the police have quietly stare at that coffee shop for Wang Feng, and begins to investigate him half a month.

Wang Feng,26 years old, Hubei County people. Police investigation discovery, in March 1, 2011, Wang Feng rented Rhine town2 building a cafe, June, Wang Feng also leased Gold Road facade Housing, opened another coffee Jane restaurant. The two coffee shop looks and other Cafe no two, also has the fashion for men and women in and out, the only difference is, the two coffee shop with other coffee houses do not have high reporting rate, sometimes and guest disputes.

After a period of the investigation, the police have included Wang Feng4male 5 female9person list. The9 men and women, the greatest is called Wang Mei, female 27 years old, Hubei Baokang person,bluetooth keyboard the smallest is Wu Rong,18 years old, the Hubei person, several other people,4 of the people,1 people in Baokang,1in Guangshui, all from Hubei province. The analysis of their activities after the discovery, the 5 women often take different men to coffee consumption, while the police received a report, some are flashed the 5 women. At this point, the police initially thought, this is a countrymen" wine holder" fraud gang.