pneumonia infection season

How to prevent child pneumonia infection season
Season season, the temperature rises and fall bigger, the major city hospital pediatric clinic overcrowding.Yun Zhi Shenzhen city famous specialist in pediatrics doctor Li Qi pointed out, infants and young children, especially from 6 months to3years old children between the ages of pneumonia in high-risk population," this is mainly because the child in maternally acquired antibody has disappeared, and their immune function and development have not yet perfect". In addition, there are some children 's own immune function is poor, such as long-term eclipse, malnutrition or have some other diseases, long-term use of drugs in children, because of poor resistance, easy to cause repeated respiratory tract infection.
Typical performance, spirit is bad, worse cough
How to distinguish the children suffering from pneumonia? Many parents thought that with experience is the common cold so delayed child illness resulted in too late to regret. Li Qi said, wholesale baby clothes suppliersthe typical symptoms of pneumonia in infants and young children are high fever, mental variation and increased cough etc..
" The clinical findings, some parents of the child 's condition is easy to neglect, the children think that this cough and last seems almost, since the last ate some medicine is good, this also should be all right". Li Qi said, in fact, causing the child cough there could be many reasons," if the child did not fever, but in cough suddenly during fever, is associated with other infections, the parents at this time should be vigilant".
In addition, if the child cough appear to exacerbate the phenomenon, cough rule change, such as the original only daytime cough, now during the day, night cough, cough and sometimes continuous dozen sound, or even sleep at night cough up, may also be a sign of pneumonia. In addition, the child mental deterioration, loss of appetite, do not want to move or breathe suddenly becomes faster, need special cause parents.
Illness of incur loss through delay can cause serious consequences
" Children pneumonia is a common disease, frequently-occurring disease, simultaneously also is one kind of serious harm to children's health disease." Li Qi said, causing pneumonia in both infected, there are non infectious. " Infectious pneumonia are generally accompanied by cough, possibly by bacteria, fungi, viruses, mycoplasma, Chlamydia cause; non infectious pneumonia include inhalation, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, such as child milk choke, small bronchial blocked. In addition, some chemicals may also lead to children allergic pneumonia". He points out, of pneumonia in infants and young children, the timely treatment of cases, most of them can be cured. But if the disease is delayed,baby shoes wholesale may cause serious consequences," such as pneumonia and congestive heart failure, pneumonia and encephalitis or encephalopathy, may even cause pulmonary abscess, sepsis or death".