Female" two higher cancer"

According to statistics, in recent years our country female breast cancer and cervical cancer patients has increased significantly and the young tendency,Cancer Treatment breast and cervical cancer has become a threat to women's health and life of the two major killers. Experts said, breast cancer can accomplish " early three", namely early discovery, early diagnosis and early treatment, can greatly improve the cure rate, suggest that female friend one year at least once a gynecological examination.ocb1d2ccan
Nearly three years on the city in 100000women undergoing breast diseases census result shows, benign breast disease incidence rate of 71.5%, screening in52women with breast cancer, and treatment in a timely manner. Experts say:" common breast tumors have the mammary gland fibroid tumor,virtual office cyst of mammary gland and breast cancer, which was the most harmful to health of breast cancer, it is the most common malignant tumor in female, occurs in 30to 54 years of age women."
Although breast cancer of female life caused great harm, but the clinical practice proof, early detection of treatment after 95% patient survival time in 10years. Therefore, Peng Xueming suggested, women over the age of 20in the monthly menstrual clean after breast self-examination; only specialist doctors checked at least once, when necessary to do ultrasound and mammography.
Due to its high risk factors such as premature sexual life, multiple sexual partners, as well as some women to the screening program of our country in recent years, the incidence of cervical cancer has increased significantly and the young tendency. According to the city of Pok Oi Hospital women's health department statistics, in 2009 the division in gynecologic screening due to the discovery of TCT or HPV results in abnormal of colposcopy in 375, found the colposcopic abnormalities with 62 people, giving the biopsy and sent for histopathological examination, found in premalignant lesions of26 cases,4 cases of cervical cancer. City Oi Hospital Department of gynaecology vice director, director of Obstetrics and Gynecology physician Luan Feng said:" cervical cancer are infectious diseases, from cervical precancerous lesions and cervical cancer occurs after 2to 8 years, if at this time found in time, early treatment of precancerous lesions,company formation regular follow-up, will be able to cervical cancer morbidity to a minimum." Luan director also recommended that married women each year should do 1cervical HPV testing, TCT testing, in order to achieve early discovery, if found to be at high risk of viral infection to multiple check. If you can do" three early" cervical cancer, the5 year survival rate can reach more than 90%.