Japan LED lighting popularity

Japan LED lighting popularity rate is about 2%
Japan lighting industry specialist director mud Canon introduces to the reporter, Japan currently used lighting apparatus is about 9million units, wherein LED lighting of about20000000, according to the ratio is calculated,Health Supplement dcb4a51kk the Japanese LED popularity rate is only about 2%.

Japan in the early 10 years ago began the production and sale of LED lighting, why now popularity rate is very low still? Mud Canon told reporters, the main reason is that LED lighting quality has not yet reached the ideal state, this year's high-end LED lighting energy saving performance of just and fluorescent lamp be roughly the same, but most of the LED energy saving performance is inferior to the fluorescent lamp.

Although LED lighting fluorescent lamp long life than many, but the prices are fluorescent lamp 2- 3 times, there is no advantage in price. But the government is still advocated the LED lighting, lies in the future is much room for improvement.

According to introducing, province of Japanese economy industry from the beginning of 2009put the development of next generation lighting technology as enhancing industry competitiveness is one of the project, the relevant research institutions to grant, support research and development of LED lighting of new technologies, the project budget in fiscal 2012to 1670000000 yen.T8 LED lamp In addition, the Japanese government also provide consumers with grant, encouraging people to use LED lighting products