Yunnan province

In May 21st, Yunnan province water demonstration project officially completed. Solar photovoltaic equipment, relying on its panels concentration conversion of electrical energy to drive water pumps for water, solar panel 2012dab4c51ck the water is sent to the field edge of a field, in front of the houses. Hall of Yunnan province science and technology of rural science and Technology Service Center Director Gao Jun said, photovoltaic water demonstration project in Yunnan province this year science and technology the main measures for drought resistance. The working group chose 15water but the water difficult points, the installation of 15 sets of solar energy photovoltaic water pumping system, accumulative total can solve 10village 12villagers group of more than 7500 people, more than 1700large livestock drinking water and4200acres of farmland irrigation problem.
Rural PV market has just started

Photovoltaic water pumping system efficiency and low cost make Gao Jun greatly. He introduced, and compared with traditional diesel pumps, photovoltaic water pumping system can be run automatically,baby clothes wholesale ukogkewe25dwe without manual operation; system lifetime of 20years to 25 years,3 years to recover the cost of the system. It is reported, at present the mainstream PV irrigation system obviates expensive energy storage battery, storage battery to replace, direct drive water pumping, strong reliability, can substantially reduce the system construction and maintenance cost. At the same time, PV pumping inverter according to intensity changes in the regulation of pump speed, the power output of close to the solar array maximum power. When the sunshine is very sufficient, can ensure the pump speed does not exceed the rated speed; when the sunshine is insufficient, will refer to a set minimum operational frequency, can not satisfy the will automatically stop running.

In addition to photovoltaic water pumping system, solar street lamps is also an important embodiment of the benefit of rural people's livelihood. It is reported, most parts of the country will have new rural model village lighting work into civil engineering. Only Anhui Province Hefei city plan during the year100 new rural model village of installation of solar street lamp, further improving farmers' production and living environment. ( next turning Third Edition )

Rural PV market development potential is tremendous. Gao Jun expresses, Yunnan province water demonstration project early days all the investment by the government, the next step in the promotion, will be carried out in commercial operation. The group also various survey, collection of masses of vast rural area photovoltaic applications. The future is not only applied in water, electricity,personal computer remote 2012road lighting, etc., are to be used in PV products. " Let out-of-the-way and a mountainous area masses use affordable photovoltaic products, just the beginning," Gao Jun said," the formation of a mature mode of commercial operation, we will consider to the Southeast Asian countries to promote."