LED lighting hard to progress

Since this year, LED lighting lamps and lanterns became the darling of the policy and capital, from march until now,Ubabee baby wear dab4c52ck from the central to local, LED illuminator's support policy support and subsidy scheme emerge in endlessly, the LED lighting industry from last year's time slump to wake up, and becomes hot.

But in the lively behind, LED lighting industry's problems also nots allow to ignore, due to a lack of industry chain upstream chip core technologies, the current domestic enterprise or wandering YuLiRun low downstream link, or production of low class chip survival, have more very person subsidy policy grab a slice of the fish in troubled waters mentality that the enterprise is the enterprise market flexibility.

According to industry standards of measurement, and only when the market permeability reached 10% to a new product called the "boom", but at present, the LED lighting lamps China only about 2% market penetration.LED PAR 38 "You have to be vigilant LED a repeat of the photovoltaic mistakes." Lack of core technology was fast has LED lighting market sparked widespread concerns about the industry.