interior lighting popularity

LED light to the interior lighting popularity
" Sichuan Chengdu and LED industry raw material, the substrate wafer, LED chip, fluorescence powder, device package and application products, have a certain advantage, only in Chengdu and Mianyang, A19 LED Light Bulb dab4d52ck a gathering of more than 30enterprises engaged in the development and application of LED, LED related product sales income over2000000000 yuan."

Yesterday, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau relevant responsible person told the reporter, in Chengdu, to Tung Chun, Sony source industry chain enterprises have already in LED sapphire epitaxial wafers production, rare earth fluorescent powder package and driving circuit design, with independent intellectual property rights of international competitiveness, and white LED lighting applications engineering involves the content of new and high technology new materials and new products, its industrial radiation pulling power will drive whole town LED chips, metal materials, machining, electronic components, transportation and many other industries development.

It is understood, in our city" eleven five" science and technology development planning of major projects," semiconductor lighting materials industrialization key technology research" has become one of key tasks, and has organized the implementation of the" high brightness white LED lighting demonstration project"," discrete user / municipal engineering of solar LED lighting system integration model" project, accumulative total extends more than 1000 lamps LED street lamps, tunnel lights, and in the pilot in the completion of the LED light source and the solar energy system integration integration technology research and design.

In accordance with the pilot overall goal, I will be in the pilot, LED lighting pilot demonstrative job, popularization and application of LED street lamp 10000above, tunnel lamp5000lamp lighting from above,ipazzport bluetooth keyboard LED road lighting into the industrial and mining enterprises and general interior lighting, Chengdu LED industry leading technology level, talent aggregation ability, product application scale will be maximum lift.