lens wear up to 40 years

Contact lens wear up to 40 years
Contact lenses since invented, by the broad masses of the favorite in myopia patients. Although it is beautiful, but not for everyone.coriolus versicolor 15 years ago, people over the age of 40should not wear contact lenses.

Primary and middle school students are in the growth stage, eye axis has not finalize the design, if premature wear contact lenses, easy to produce corneal hypoxia and physiological metabolic disorders. If the lens diameter and corneal inconsistent, can cause corneal abrasion, severe cases can lead to corneal ulceration or perforation. Therefore, unless there is a special need,LED Lighting manufacturer dab4d55ck primary and secondary school students the best wear frame glasses.

After the person arrived 40 years old, ocular tissue will happen more pronounced degenerative changes, ocular tolerance to hypoxia reduced capacity, in this case on the eyeball surface wearing layer of lens, will cause the eyeball hypoxia, thereby inducing corneal infection, ulcers and other complications. Therefore, the people over the age of 40is best not to wear contact lenses.

Young man wearing contact lenses, as soon as you feel the eyes of a foreign body feeling, dry, hyperaemia, secretions, burning and other abnormalities, should immediately stop wear, and to the hospital.baby wholesale clothing Other not to wear contact lenses case also includes: the eyelid, conjunctiva, corneal inflammation, trachoma, dacryocystitis.