LED street light

LED street light technique characteristics of road lighting objective is to provide a visual night travelers peace firm premise, high brightness LED street lamp, its brightness must fit in the existing road premise,Red meat, fish, eat anti-aging traffic to the brightness of peace to cry.

Currently using universal LED street lamp switch power rectifier filter circuit with ordinary, adjusting circuit, sampling circuit, the flow maintenance circuit and DC constant current output circuit. In the use process of vrla batteries maintenance needs to set up the correct charging and discharging rail system and implemented, talent make the battery to the best function and the use of the longest life expectancy. For every battle of electricity is average peak sunshine is proportional to the real Numbers are, so can have to spring and fall generating capacity and power consumption is fundamental to a balanced, summer power rich; Winter is short. The past a lot investment to solar cells and LED.

For self-discharge, system matching, cost element is not extreme economic and don't share. The light body and the main up system protection of adornment effect, ensure the normal operation cycle. So, try to simplify structure, designed to streamline, in order to reduce the wind resistance, increase the flow velocity of the rain, and pay attention to lose weight, one is to save non-ferrous metal,LED industry grows 2 it is to reduce weight brought about by the stress topic, increase the road lighting of peace.

In high power LED application, heat is another major thinking, at present, the LED in the energy consumption of about 80% above into heat, and semiconductor devices is not high temperature resistant, heat to do bad, get up very serious light failure, some serious half year may has been reduced by half, street in high power LED is much more than one application series, must use aluminum alloy much fin wind) make the radiator.

The new rural construction solar street lamps indispensable recently, rizhao first "new energy use of popular science demonstration village" a phase of the project is expected to finish this month. According to information, DongGangOu razor-nailed town house out, will become the first village rizhao city deputy was "solar village". Main street will also be installed solar street lamps.

Solar street lamps etheric sunshine for energy during the day, charging use at night without complex expensive pipe laying, can adjust the layout of the lamps, the safe and energy-saving free from contamination, as long as the system work mode set run automatically work. In the agricultural produce, rizhao will make for organic, home village, ecological rice industry base, solar installation in the rice field insecticidal lamp.

It is reported, curtilage secco village construction "new energy use of popular science demonstration village",LED system matching design new energy village will be divided into three phases for project construction, a phase of the project will be 120 households, home village every household free installation, a 150 liters value 1800 yuan solar energy water heater, make the whole village solar energy utilization rate of 100%.