originally intended for stage lighting

Humans have first known the sun as the ultimate source of light. In the beginning, they were not afraid in the darkness of the night, since they knew that morning will surely come and the sun will shine. But as part of their nature, they were not contented. People became civilized. They have built their homes,LED spot light dab5d56ck and they realized that they would need something to light not just their houses, but their yards and gardens as well. Then came the invention of floodlights.

Floodlights were said to be invented in the 1900's. It was then known as "Box Flood". It was originally intended for stage lighting. Before the development of electricity and incandescent bulbs, an engineer designed a flame source (lamp, candles or oil lamps) in a box type housing, with one side open, thus creating an ideal lighting source for the performers. Through time, it has become a popular part of many homes. People started using floodlights as a means of safety and security. They wouldn't have to walk around the garden in the darkness, they can clearly see if somebody or something is trying to get in their property,Floodlight Philipsand they can now enjoy a well-lit outdoor area to have a fun-filled nights with their families.

Over the years, floodlight technology has dramatically evolved. Through the wide use of incandescent lamps, a good enclosure such as a metal box, a power cord and a socket, an ideal floodlight was invented. In the current economic situation, Energy Saving Floodlights have become very popular. People have realized the importance of saving every penny they have. To get the most benefit from an energy saving floodlight, here are some tips to think of when choosing one for your yard or garden.

Power Source:

From using gas, oil and candles, floodlight power source has come a long way. Battery powered as well as electrically powered floodlights are now available. You can also find solar powered ones in the market today. These models are designed with photovoltaic cells which absorb sunlight during the day, and converts them into electrical energy which is used as the power source during the night.


The question on where to install your floodlights is no longer an issue. Today, indoor and outdoor floodlights are readily available. There are also dual purpose floodlights in the market that can be installed indoors and can also be exposed to the elements outdoors.

Coverage Area:

Are you going to use it in a large area?Candle Light Bulb No need to worry, single bulb as well as double bulb Floodlights are available. If you do not need to achieve a very powerful effect, you can just use the single bulb floodlight. The double bulb can generally cover a larger area.

Bulb Type:

Floodlight bulbs are now available in many different forms. CFL, quartz halogen, incandescent or even LEDs are now out in the market.