LED infrared emitting diode

Gallium arsenide, gallium aluminum arsenide tube core and a variety of structural forms of infrared emitting diodes.

Product use:

1, applicable to all types of photoelectric detector signal source.

2, applicable to all types of photoelectric conversion, automatic control instruments, sensors and other.

In 3, according to drive way, PLC LED Lamp and can obtain stable light, pulsed light, slow light, commonly used in remote control, alarm etc..

Product features:

By 1, with reflection function structure, the tube core side of the infrared focus, produce strong optical power.

In 2, with high output power, low driving voltage.

3, easily with a transistor integrated circuit phase matching.

In 4, small volume, light weight, firm structure seismic, high reliability.

In 5, metal glass package devices with glass surface, good wear resistance, high degree of finish, resistance welding, high and low temperature performance and features.

Points for attention in use:

1, pay attention to the polarity, pipe not and circuit in the heating element near the, work process is not allowed to exceed the prescribed limit.

2, in order to improve the light perspective, products are smooth to avoid and metal and other hard object friction, LED Dimmer dab5d58ck not for sandblasting.

In 3, the welding temperature is not too high, the welding time should be as short as possible, solder joints should be away from the device body.

In 4, lead forming should be prior to welding, the element itself without residual stress.

In 5, lead the cut should be performed at room temperature, after welding device wire cut, required after cooling.

6, infrared emitting diode power and photosensitive device sensitivity for encapsulation Ipazzport tv and angular distribution, the use of attention when mounting point adjustment, replacement should also adjust.