Leg and foot massage

One, foot bath:

Their feet with hot water, especially with ginger or Pepper Fried water to wash their feet, can be rapidly expanding human respiratory mucosa capillary network, accelerate the blood circulation, so that the respiratory tract mucosa in white blood cells to destroy human invasion of bacteria and viruses, reishi to make the body against infection.

Two, massage to the feet:

After washing hands, rub, rub parts or point light, the whole foot massage, but also local massage, Tama Yongquan ( cardiac ) and Taichong ( one or two toe joint ) or of Taixi ( medial and high and Achilles tendon depression between ). Dizziness, insomnia, anorexia, darkish complexion, fatigue, constipation, hypertension has the functions of preventing and curing.

Three, lift your feet:

Each day will feet pointing to 2-3, flat or higher than the heart, at the foot, leg blood circulation exuberant, lower limb blood flow to the lungs and heart rate to accelerate, full circulation, the head can get plenty of fresh blood and oxygen, about dab6d23ck and the acupuncture points of the feet, reflecting region is also a benign stimulation. The Army March after know the rapid elimination of fatigue, usually lift is also good.

Four, rub the calf:

With both hands palm to grip one calf, while rotating the kneading, rubbing on each side about 20 times, and then to the same method of rubbing the other leg. This method can enhance the leg force.

Five, pull the foot:

Take seat, legs, head, body bent forward, to both hands pull toe and ankle joint the 20-30 times, can exercise the legs, online ups power manufacturer to prevent the legs weak and feeble.

Six, twisted knee:

Biped parallel close, bend knees slightly downward squatting, hands on knees, knees around a circle to rotate, first to the left, turn right, each about 20 times. For lower limb weakness, knee pain.